21 Sep

Crowns used by London dentist to cover severe fluorosis

Fluorosis results from an overexposure to fluoride during childhood, usually between the ages of one and four. It causes discolouration and mineralization of adult teeth. Exposure of young children to fluoride causes disruption to the formation of enamel and causes a mottled staining to the emerging adult teeth.
The staining caused by fluorosis is permanent and will often get darker over time leaving yellow and brown stains that unfortunately is irreversible.
It must be stressed that fluorosis is a cosmetic condition and not a disease. Usually it is so mild that only a dentist can spot it when examining a patient. It is usually caused by young patients ingesting fluoride either in water, toothpastes or in supplements designed to protect against cavities.
In the 20th century fluoride was added to drinking water as a disease prevention measure. In some areas fluoride supplements were prescribed to children but only when levels of fluoride in the water were low. It is worth checking the fluoride content in your area before giving your child any kind of fluoride supplements. Try and avoid your child using fluoride toothpaste or swallowing any toothpaste they may be using as this may also cause adult fluorosis.
In most cases fluorosis is not severe enough to need treatment and is often barely noticeable. Treatment for severe fluorosis may involve dental crowns or veneers. Ask a London dentist if you are worried about you or child’s fluorosis.