21 Mar

Cure Your Dental Anxiety, a Dentist from Central London Tells You How

1 in 4 people in the Central London suffer from some form of dental anxiety. The condition is results in individuals who refuse to arrange or attend dental appointments and who, as a result, suffer from, otherwise avoidable, dental conditions
Thankfully, dentists are becoming more aware of the reasons behind their patients fear. They are trained in how to set their patients at ease, by offering a kind and caring service that builds a comfortable rapport and encourages them to return for regular check-ups. In addition, technological advances in dentistry means that there is now nothing to fear from a visit to the dentist. Needles are no longer used for patients with dental anxiety. Instead, ‘the dental wand’, a computerised injection system, is used to administer local anaesthetic, this means there are no large needles, and no pain associated with surgery.
If you remain anxious about attending an appointment with your dentist, these simple steps should help put you at ease and help you become more comfortable in the dental chair. Firstly, arrange your appointment for first thing in the morning. This will leave you with no time to stress and fret about your check-up. After your first appointment, you will soon realise that you have no reason to fear a simple check-up. If  you are still worried, why not take a friend with you to the appointment, this is a great way to put yourself at ease, and your dentist will be happy with anyone being in the treatment room, as long as it makes you comfortable. Finally, taking an Ipod or portable music device to the dentist may help you relax even further. Your dentist will not mind if you ask to listen to music while they treat you, your dentist only wants you to be comfortable and feel at ease.