25 Nov

Cute and Cosmetic: Bonding in London

Appearances can mean everything to you in London and can be the difference between success and failure; clothes and hair can make the difference, but then so too can your teeth and the way you smile. Now, as the years go by, the stresses of life can start to attack your teeth and can start to diminish the mouth’s radiance. However, it is also a great comfort that you can turn to the brilliance of cosmetic bonding in order to turn these nasty things around. It will be done and dusted, on average, in an hour and it is so simple and painless. Once you have sat down and your mouth cleaned and prepped, the surfaces of the teeth will be covered over with several layers of coloured resin and then when all the horrible things have been hidden away, your ‘new’ teeth are then shaped to restore the original look you once had. Though it isn’t the most durable of options, it is fast, furious and cheap and it is so easy to touch-up again should things go wrong in the future. The thing is, this can be done in a dinner break from work and afterwards, you and your smile will be back in the game.