11 Dec

Cutting edge digital x-rays at Central London dentist

X-rays are an important part of any thorough dental examination and patients awaiting any kind of dental surgery or procedure will usually be extensively x-rayed to allow the dentist a clearer idea of the structure of their teeth. These conventional x-rays can take several days to develop, which adds to the overall treatment time and means that more than one appointment is always necessary, no matter how small the operation. In recent years dentists have been able to use new digital x-ray technology that removes the need for lengthy developing.
Digital x-rays offer images that use 80 per cent less radiation, one of the major concerns of extensive x-raying on dental patients. They also do not need any kind of chemical developing which is better for the environment and most importantly much faster than the old method. In fact, digital x-rays produce an almost instantaneous image which can be produced in colour. This image appears on the computer for the dentist to scrutinise in about three seconds and can also be saved onto the hard drive and stored in the patient’s dental records.
This instant imaging has allowed the development of several new and incredible dental technologies, most notably CEREC. This kind of ceramic reconstruction can now be carried out in only one appointment meaning patients can have crowns, veneers and inlays designed and fitted in only one visit to the dentists. This time saving measure has made digital x-ray a must-have technology for all Central London dentists who are using it to provide cutting-edge dental treatment.