03 Dec

Cutting edge teeth straightening with Six Month Smile form City of London dentist

A crooked or uneven smile can be a source of great embarrassment for many people. It can be the root cause of low self-confidence and self-esteem but there is no need to suffer any longer. Orthodontic teeth straightening is not the same process it was twenty or even ten years ago and a whole new range of more effective and less intrusive products are now widely available to give you the smile you have always wanted.
Leading the new wave of advanced orthodontic straightening is the Six Month Smile treatment. Originating and manufactured in the US, Six Month Smile braces offer straightening up to 75 per cent faster than other conventional braces and by utilising tooth coloured wires and smaller brackets, they are as discreet as they are fast-acting.
Six Month braces are suitable for most crowding, spacing or bite problems occurring in the front teeth of the mouth. Patients opting for the Six Month treatment will first undergo a smile assessment with a City of London dentist to ascertain exactly what they desire from their treatment plan. The smile assessment usually involves digital x-rays and dental examinations to gain an understanding of exactly how much movement will be possible with the braces.
Once fitted, the Six Month braces may cause some initial discomfort but this is common to all orthodontic straightening devices and is no cause for concern. Patients will require short ten minutes appointments every four to five weeks to check progress and make any necessary alterations to the brace.
Wearing a brace can be a big decision for people who may have serious reservations about the visual impact. The discreet and incredibly fast treatment offered by Six Month Smile braces represents a genuine solution for these patients and many others desiring the perfect smile.