03 May

Dangerous dental disease in London

There are many dangerous dental diseases that can crop up in the mouth and though this is what all dentistry is based on in London, the prevention of such evils, it is important that you know the signs and learn to prevent them as well going to the dentist. It all starts quite innocuously: a little plaque can develop and then tartar will form around the base of the teeth; this can be removed by your dentist or by a specially designed sonic toothbrush. If however, the cycle is allowed to continue, the plaque will soon start to attack the surface of the teeth and caries will form and then tooth decay will set in.
In the meantime, the tartar will also start to infect the gums and then gum disease will take hold. Rectifying such problems gets harder and more expensive the more the issues are ignored and the work can become very complex indeed; it can involve bone and tissue grafting in order to re-construct your mouth. At the end of this destructive cycle, the inevitable outcome is the loss of your teeth. Identifying these problems can be sourced from your dentist or from the internet, but the basic signs are toothache or bleeding gums- sure indications that something is going wrong with your mouth.
Between getting a decent oral hygiene program for yourself that suits you and your dentist, you should be able to prevent such things happening. Plus, if things do go wrong, you should work hard to ensure you they don’t spiral out of control.