18 Sep

Daring Dentures in the City of London

A lot of the stigma that comes with the wearing of dentures in the city of London is pretty unfair, considering the way denture technology has advanced over the last couple of decades. True, in the past, basic dentures were not only thoughtlessly made; they were also ill-fitting and hard to keep in the mouth. Today however, newer materials that are used in the making of the dentures help adhere to the mouth better and look more natural. Tooth loss is never a good time for anyone, but the ways of overcoming it have improved immensely, as has the attitude from dentist towards gum disease and the need to save teeth as opposed to pulling them at the first sign of problems. Partial dentures are cheap in comparison to other methods of replacing teeth- they are made from softer materials and wrap around the surviving teeth for a strong fit. But these new materials are also used in full dentures as well, so they stay in the mouth more securely. But probably the greatest invention ever for those blighted with free moving dentures is the mini-implant. These are located into the jaw bone and the adapted dentures are clicked onto them securely and combined with a good fixative, denture wearers have a better freedom than never before.