05 Apr

Dealing with a Dry Socket in Central London

There are many complex treatments in the world of dentistry in central London and with each one there is always a cooling off and healing period afterwards. The extraction of a tooth can also be very delicate and you need to take care and avoid smoking so that the hole left can heal naturally in its own time. What normally happens during this healing process is that a blood clot will form over the hole and the gum tissue will then form over the wound. The danger here though is if the blood clot falls out or doesn’t form properly, for whatever reason, you are left with a gaping hole and the bone is exposed to the air, a condition known as a dry socket. Obviously, this will be very painful, but it will leave your mouth and gums vulnerable to infection and so you need to get it treated as soon as you can. Your dentist will dress the wound daily and with a special healing paste in order to speed up the healing process and you may need to take antibiotics, rinse with a medicated mouthwash and also rinse with salt water until the wound starts to close and heal.