07 Mar

Dealing with Dental Calculus in London

Your teeth are persistently under threat each day in London from plaque and if it is not removed properly, mineral deposits build up on the it and soon it will begin to harden into tartar or calculus and an ordinary toothbrush may halt any further build up of plaque itself, but it won’t remove this hard calculus. This is quite dangerous as it literally strangles the base of the tooth and soon, your gums will become infected and you may also suffer from periodontal disease further down this destructive chain. You will also start to suffer from bad breath and your gums may start bleeding and receding. There are ways of preventing this hard fossilised calculus from forming in the first place, through regular dental visits and brushing/flossing daily; a plaque-busting mouthwash can also help. You can also buy a dye that shows up any build up of plaque and then remove it. If it does harden however, it isn’t so easy to remove. You can buy powerful, ultrasonic electric brushes that can help break down this hardened calculus, although it is a hardy material to get rid of. The only real method is to get your dentist to break it down with a sharp tool quite easily, but it is something you’d rather avoid in the first place through good oral hygiene.