22 Aug

Dealing with Dental Emergencies in London

Unlike living in the country or suburbs, London has a lot of things lying at its doorstep to cater for a fast paced city and to make things easy for you, and along with everything else, it also has options to go for if you have a dilemma- such as a dental emergency. If you actually care for your health and that of your family, then you will have hopefully taken out some form of policy to help cover all aspects of your dental needs, which should take into account emergencies. However, you should also be clued up on what is or isn’t a dental emergency so that you aren’t always drawing on that policy. Minor emergencies involve maybe chipping or cracking a tooth, toothache, losing a filling, crown or veneer, so these can wait until you can next see your dentist. Losing a tooth is a little more serious and if you act fast you can have it popped back in. An abscess is more serious and should be seen as soon as possible. In any case, in any of these scenarios, there are 24 hour dentists around the city that will take your insurance in order to cover for the treatments. In all situations though, and if you are not sure whether or not you are covered or even, have no cover at all, you always have A&E at your nearest hospital to fall back on.