08 Sep

Dealing with Dry Sockets in Central London

Having a tooth pulled is not such a big deal these days in central London, what with all the wonderful drugs a dentist can fill you with before having it removed. However, depending on how traumatic the ‘pulling’ is, especially in the case of wisdom teeth, depends on how when the mouth heals afterwards. If all goes well, the pain of an extraction should start ebb away after a few days. However, if it doesn’t and in fact worsens, you could be suffering from a dry socket. Post ‘pulling’, the hole that is left is exposed to all manner of things that can lead to infection, which is why good oral hygiene is of the highest order after an extraction. Normally, a blood clot will form and protect the hole from any external forces from food, drink and smoking, but sometimes it can fall out and then the bare bone of your jaw is exposed. Treating the problem isn’t hard but is vital for maintaining the health of your mouth. Painkillers will relieve you of any immediate discomfort, but the dentist will suggest that the wound is dressed each day and covered with a healing paste, maybe also prescribe a course of antibiotics as well to counter any infection.