16 Jul

Dealing With Pesky Plaque And Periodontal Disease In Central London

Plaque just never knows when to throw the towel in: always ready to strike, always ready get nasty and people in central London should always ensure that they maintain a high level of oral hygiene because when it is aloud to grow, it can then throw its big guns at you, like tooth decay and periodontal disease. Plaque is a horrible sticky substance that breeds from bacteria on the teeth and if not removed, it will quickly harden into tartar and strangle the life out of the gums, and then infect them. Once this happens, the gums will then start to pull away from the teeth, allowing the infection to move down into the bone structure below the tooth- you are now looking at tooth loss. All this can be prevented in the beginning and there is no excuse really because there are two things on your side- products and your dentist. More and more, the products on the shelves of shops are designed at dealing with plaque: there are plaque and tartar busting toothbrushes, toothpastes and mouthwashes; you can even get a dye that will show up the areas where plaque is lurking. Then you have your dentist who will spot tartar straight away and remove it. Getting rid of periodontal disease is not so easy though: it can take months to remove the infection after which, you may require bone and tissue grafts, so do yourself a favour, work harder at keeping your teeth clean.