20 Nov

Dealing with the issue of a Knocked out Tooth in London

For all your best efforts, accidents will happen, but the way you can get through the crisis is by being aware of what the situation is and also being aware of your surroundings so that you can make the right call and get the treatment you need to overcome the problem. Having a tooth knocked out is a perfect example of this. Initially, it will be one hell of a shock, but if you can keep your head, then you may be able to save the day- and your tooth as well. You need to be careful when you retrieve your tooth and avoid touching the root. If you can and you are in the position, you should get the tooth into milk or salty water and then get to the dentists or a hospital. If you have no access to these condiments, you can tuck the tooth in your mouth. Time is of the essence here because if the tooth is slotted back into place over the next 12 hours, you have a great chance of it rooting again naturally. Of course, this is easy if you are close to a dentist or hospital in London, there are also 24 hour dentists that you can call on. But you may well be half way up Everest when this problem occurs in which case, it’s a case of self preservation and you will have to pop the tooth back in yourself, bearing in mind that the tooth needs to be clean before doing so.