24 Oct

Death by Sleep Apnea in London

One of the important ingredients to living a long life in London is to ensure that you have a healthy sleep pattern in order to rebuild your energy for the next day ahead and if you have a good diet, keep your nose clean and live stress free, then you should have no problems at night. But the city is a demanding and tempting place to live and we can easily be seduced by things that can upset this healthy balance: it’s easy to fall for smoking, drinking and fast foods- all of this can lead to obesity, but without you knowing, it can also be affecting your breathing. To sleep healthy, breathing is one of the three essential ingredients to help your body work on its own at night, the heart and brain being the other two. All of these elements take over automatically when you sleep: the brain sends signal via your breathing into your lungs, and then regulates the blood flow into your heart and then back into your brain; the cycle works over and over again. Block your airways by breathing badly, for whatever reason, and the others will stutter and stall, and they panic to remedy the lack of natural flow of air and blood throughout the body. This becomes sleep apnea- a very dangerous scenario indeed and if the three essentials start faltering at night, they will start doing the same during the day. A dentist can help by supplying you a gadget for your breathing, but it’s a sign your lifestyle needs to change- otherwise, your heart will simply give up.