26 Oct

Deciding on Dental Implants in London

One of the most wonderful inventions to ever hit the dental surgeries of London is that of the dental implant. Now this only used to be available to those with a shed-load of money to blow and in the beginning was crude by its very nature- cut through the gums with a scalpel and send in the drill, screw in the implant, stitch and go and then when your mouth has recovered from the trauma in around 6 months time, go back and get your new teeth. My oh my, thank god for modern technology because though the common denominator of dental implants remains- having a titanium root screwed into your jaw, the way it is done is so far removed from the early techniques. However, it is not so much about the ease of how you have it done, it’s the benefits that having an implant fitted gives to you, the way you live your life and the freedom it affords. Implants can give back a new look: yes you can have a new set of teeth, or a new tooth to replace the ones you may have lost, they can also help to keep dentures in your mouth. They are versatile, with you until the end of days, flexible, on your doorstep and very reasonably priced- so if I were you, and you have lost a tooth or two, get down to your dentist and have a word about dental implants- they are fantastic.