29 Oct

Deciphering a Dental Injury in the City of London

It’s a natural response by the body and brain to hit the panic button whenever any part of you gets injured- the important thing however is how you respond after the initial shock and what you do about it so that you won’t make irrational decisions. The perfect example of this is if you get a dental injury and if do a little research and you learn about the nature of dental injuries, you won’t have your ears chewed off by your dentist at three in the morning because you have called a ‘999’ emergency about a veneer that has fallen off. But seeing as this scenario isn’t always the case for most people and we can panic because we don’t understand the nature of the problem, then it is at least advisable to have someone to call who can put your mind at rest and around the city of London, there are a lot of dental surgeries and some hospitals that you can call 24 hours a day in order to identify the nature of your crisis. Mini injuries such as a chipped tooth, a sudden tooth ache, or the loss of crown, filling or veneer may cause discomfort, but can be soothed with painkillers until you can get along to see your dentist. But if you have an abscess erupt or you have a tooth knocked out, these are crisis’ that need immediate attention and so with the number of a midnight dentist, you will at least know where to go to get patched up in a real emergency.