02 Jan

Dental and Mouth Problems Can Affect You in Your Bodily Health in Central London

If you think about it, the mouth is the gateway to the rest of you, and what you put in it and how you look after it, can directly affect the health of your whole body. In central London, oral hygiene should be high on everyone’s list because if gum disease is allowed to develop in the mouth, it not only leads to oral problems such as tooth decay and loss, but it has been linked to more serious problems throughout the body. For starters, gum disease can lead to inflammation in the heart, causing disease and stroke; also, the problem can cause digest problems, leading to diabetes and kidney disease. But women are further at risk- when pregnant, they are more vulnerable to gum disease because of hormonal changes and this can lead to premature birth. Aside from this, the occlusion of the mouth is very important- this is how the jaws come together, or the ‘bite’. A bad bite needs to be rectified (normally done through orthodontic procedures such as braces) because there is a lot of pressure placed upon to small joints where the jaws are hinged. A bad occlusion can lead to the joint becoming worn, causing the jaw to click and directly affects the upper body. Head, ear and eye aches and neck pains are directly caused by a bad occlusion and can lead to the whole upper back being put at risk.