19 Oct

Dental Bonding at London Dental Clinic

In London, dental bonding is being used on facial tooth surfaces of front teeth to restore carious of damaged teeth, to make teeth look better, and to eliminate spaces between teeth. It can also be used to cover tooth roots that have become exposed due to gum recession. In the majority of cases that use bonding, minimal tooth structure is removed, and sometimes only roughened up, and the teeth don’t have to be numbed. Unless, of course, decay is being removed and the tooth is being bonded afterwards.
Your London dentist will select the appropriate shade and will proceed to bond your tooth/teeth. If your dentist is lightening your teeth with bonding, a lighter shade will be selected to increase the aesthetics of your teeth. You tooth/teeth surface(s) that is to be bonded will be roughened with a diamond bur and the tooth surface will be etched with etching solution or gel. The tooth will then be rinsed and dried, and a liquid unfilled resin will be placed on the tooth with an applicator, and your tooth will be light cured. Your dentist will then placed the filled resin (i.e., bonding material) onto the tooth and shape it with plastic instruments. This material will again be light cured, and a final touch-up and polishing will take place. This procedure can be completed in a relatively short period of time in London, and is not invasive or too expensive. Your dentist and their staff will make sure that you are well versed in the proper care of this bonding material, and will explain all of the do’s and don’ts.