17 Jun

Dental Bonding, how long does it last in Central London?

Dental bonding is one of the most flexible forms of cosmetic dentistry available in central London today. It has a myriad of uses inside the mouth, correcting all manner of small problems that may turn up in the mouth- it’s a touch-up procedure and the greatest attractions of this treatment is that it’s painless, fast and cheaper compared to it’s other counterparts in cosmetic dentistry. Bonding uses resins that can be color coded to match the rest of your teeth, repairing minor cracks, discoloration, gaps and chips. It’s also used for teeth reshaping, the restoration of decayed teeth and for replacing those grey fillings with more natural looking ones. The process involves building up layers of the resin on the surface of the tooth, each layer being individually cured and then sculptured for the desired affect. However, for all its versatility, dental bonding has one drawback-longevity. Whilst it lasts longer than traditional fillings, anywhere up to 15 years, it’s longevity with other applications around the mouth, fall a lot shorter than other cosmetic treatments. A good bonding will last anywhere from 2-5 years, depending on how it’s treated, but this is offset by it’s price and how easy it is to do.