15 Nov

Dental Bonding Offered At London Dental Clinic

London dentists have many years experience performing dental bonding procedures. They will recommend dental bonding to restore your front teeth that have dental decay or damage, to improve the look of your teeth, and to also correct minor misalignments and spaces between teeth. Your London dentist may also use dental bonding to cover-up exposed tooth roots that occur during gum recession. When your dentist performs the bonding procedure, minimal tooth structure is usually removed or the enamel is just roughened to accept the bonding material. Many times, dental bonding can be performed without numbing the mouth, unless decay has to be removed from the tooth.
You and your London dentist will pick the right shade for your teeth from a shade guide to match your other teeth, unless you want your teeth whitened. The tooth surfaces to be bonded will be roughed with a dental drill, and than an etching solution will be used to denature any organic material on the tooth/teeth. Next, your teeth will be rinsed with water and dried thoroughly. A liquid resin material will then be applied to your teeth, and a special light source will be used to help the material set on your teeth. The bonding material will then be placed onto your teeth, and again set up using the same light source. The dental bonding material will then be shaped using dental drills and polished stones and rubber points. Dental bonding does not take a long time, and can be completed in one visit. Your London dentists and their staff will then teach you how to care for your new dental bonding.