13 Mar

Dental Bridge in City of London: The Way to a Perfect Smile

Having a gap in your teeth could make anyone conscious of their smiles. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, missing teeth could actually result to bite problems such as malocclusion and TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder). One of the favorite solutions used by City of London dentists is dental bridge.
These dental bridges have been used for replacing lost teeth just like partial dentures and implants. There are actually three kinds: conventional, cantilever and resin-bonded.
• Conventional and cantilever – these types require the shaping of teeth surrounding the missing tooth. After, crowns will be placed and then attached to the artificial tooth.
• Resin-bonded – this type does not require much preparation of the surrounding tooth. For this reason, it is the preferred dental bridge for missing front teeth as long as the gums are quite healthy and the adjacent teeth have no extensive fillings.
The entire dental bridge procedure will usually require two to three visits.
• First Visit – your dentist will check your overall oral health to see if you are qualified for a dental bridge procedure.
• Second Visit – an impression of your teeth will be taken in order to allow the dental technician to precisely fabricate the dental bridge according to your needs. A temporary bridge will be fitted to protect your gums and teeth from further damage.
• Third Visit – the temporary bridge is removed and the permanent one is put in place.
The cost of a dental bridge can range between $1000 and $3000. Your City of London dentist will help you choose one that will meet your needs and at the same time, will not break the bank.