01 Feb

Dental Bridge in the City of London

City of London dentists use various types of dental bridges in order to replace teeth that are missing or that require extraction. Depending on the situation there are several types of bridges that can be made by your City of London dentist, which include traditional bridges, canti-lever bridges, and resin-retained bridges. After a complete dental examination and discussion with you, your dentist will create a treatment plan in order to properly restore your missing teeth. The different types of bridges will be discussed, along which the dentist’s opinion about which one is best for you. The area of your mouth to be worked on will be numbed with local anaesthesia, and your adjacent existing teeth will be prepared to accept a dental bridge. This is performed using special dental drills. An impression of your teeth is then made using a putty material, as well as an opposing impression and bite registration. A shade is then chosen, and these are sent to a dental laboratory for them to fabricate your bridge. An interim bridge is then made for you to wear until the final bridge is returned from the lab. This interim bridge will keep your teeth from shifting and provide coverage to exposed dentin in order to prevent tooth sensitivity. Teeth that are not replaced may lead to bite and temporomandibular joint problems.