12 Apr

Dental Bridge Treatment in London

Dental partials (or pontic), popularly known as dental bridges, is usually a customised tooth or a set of teeth that is permanently positioned between two healthy teeth, generally making up for a missing tooth or a set of teeth. The dental procedure here involves holding the bridge in place with the help of porcelain crowns, carefully positioned at the respective sides of the healthy pair of teeth, thereby filling the bare space.A dental bridge as created by a specialized cosmetic dental surgeon is usually free from any metal use. This enables the absorption of light by the bridge, thereby restoring the natural shimmer in one’s smile. Otherwise, bridges manufactured from fused porcelain and metal contribute towards reflection of light, in turn, delivering an unnatural look to the smile. Along with restoring an awesome smile, dental bridges also reduce risks related to periodontal diseases, delimit the disposition chances of the other teeth, help reduce problems related to biting and chewing and improve the patients’ speech.
Dental surgeons in London render dental bridge treatments and the procedure might slightly vary according to the oral condition of the patient. However, a general dental bridge procedure involves administering anaesthesia to numb the oral cavity, and the removal of minimal tooth structure from teeth edges, where the bridge will be affixed so as to provide space for positioning the crown. This is followed by teeth modelling, usually conducted in a dental laboratory and the patient is fitted with a temporary bridge. The permanent bridge will replace the temporary one upon the next visit to the dentist. There are no known complications associated with the dental bridge treatment and one can undergo the procedure if one has a missing tooth or a set of teeth.