09 Jan

Dental care advice for parents from City of London dentist

Parents can play a very important role in the dental health of their children. It is the responsibility of parents to make sure that children are correctly brushing and flossing their teeth and making regular visits to the dentist for a check up. This can help to keep children’s teeth clean and healthy and prevent costly and uncomfortable dental treatment in the future.
The way you are taught to clean your teeth when you are young can have a huge effect on the way you care for your teeth throughout your life. Being taught to clean your teeth properly as a child can help to encourage good habits for the future. It is also important for parents to make sure their child has the right kind of toothbrush and appropriate toothpaste for their teeth.
Parents can also ensure that their child is receiving the right amount of fluoride for their teeth. In certain areas fluoride is added to the water supply directly to strengthen teeth, but too much or too little fluoride can cadental care
use heavy and unattractive staining of the teeth in later life. In low fluoride areas it may be necessary for parents to supplement their child’s fluoride intake.
For parents of children with braces or other orthodontic devices it is necessary to ensure that your child is wearing the brace for the necessary amount of time and cleaning the device and their teeth sufficiently during treatment. A City of London dentist can provide all parents with any information about orthodontic care and other dental care information they might need for their children.