03 Jun

Dental check up from London dentist could save your life

Besides brushing and flossing, the most important thing you can do for the health of your teeth is to have a dental check up every six months. Check ups are crucial because it allows the dentist an opportunity to assess the health of your teeth and check for any signs of dental decay or infection. This could be crucial for your chances of avoiding costly and painful dental treatment in the future, and as with any kind of condition or disease, the earlier you catch it the easier it is to treat.
Dentists recommend an average time of six months between check ups. This could be more or less depending on the nature of your teeth but it is important to listen to your London dentist’s advice about how often you should be visiting. A routine check up will take little more than twenty minutes to half an hour and involve no pain. As long as you are regularly visiting the dentist for a check up, you stand a pretty good chance of avoiding dental pain altogether.
Dentists are also able to investigate the signs of any decay or possible gum disease. With both on the increase in the UK it is very important that you have your teeth and gums checked. If you allow decay or disease to progress unchecked, it could lead to the need for antibiotics, extraction and even hospitalisation.
Another very important reason to visit your dentist for a check up is oral cancer. This is one of the most virulent forms of the disease but very treatable if caught in sufficient time. 80 per cent of patients who have the disease spotted early on survive, a number that drops rapidly as time passes. Dentists will carry out a routine check for any signs and investigate any suspicious looking areas. Proof that a dental check up could just save your life.