10 Nov

Dental Checkups and why to do them in Central London

A lot of us in central London feel that we can walk on water when we are young- we can drink like fish, smoke like chimneys and eat like horses and put our bodies through the mill and why not, we are virtually indestructible and to hell with doctors and dentists: good luck with that one for there is only so much the body can take before it bites back and the first signs of things going wrong usually manifest themselves in your mouth. Now if you’re the type of person that often misses dental appointments you may not even notice things are going wrong until it too late. Okay, so you might have a pretty good oral hygiene set up at home, but unless you happen to have the luxury of being married to a dentist, you are not going to spot the signs of early tooth decay or gum disease unless you visit the dentist at least twice a year. These people are here to help you with all your problems and they can help you out with every little niggling thing you may be going through. They are your friends and that is how you should see them. What they don’t like is if you have let your teeth go through sheer bloody mindedness and then they have to pick up the pieces- oh, they’ll do the work and you will pay for it alright, but when it gets to this stage, they feel in some way they have failed in their duty to look after you in the first place. So if only to please these people, go and see them at least every 6 months.