04 Aug

Dental emergencies and how to deal with them. By a City of London dentist

When we get a dental emergency its generally in the middle of the night or on the weekend, and that`s the hardest time to find a dentist says a City of London dentist. Old wives tales come into play as to how to deal with a tooth ache, and surprisingly enough some of them work. Most of us have a first aid kit at home or at least a few plasters, but few of us have a dental first aid kit. Like the Scouts and the Girl Guides we should always be prepared for emergencies, so a dental kit would be handy. Tooth ache is best dealt with by applying heat to the enamel back and front, a warm tea bag can be gently applied and a little pressure will hold it in place. Oil of Cloves is probably one of the better pain reliefs that is available, but it’s not the kind of thing that we easily find lying around the house. Apply this oil with a baby bud and let the oil drip from the top all over the tooth, it will give your gums a burning sensation, but it won`t actually burn you. Whatever you do don`t solve the problem by drinking lots of alcohol, alcohol isn`t a pain killer and is dangerous when taken in large quantities. By all means swish some brandy or whisky, if its handy and you have nothing else, around the tooth in question, just allow it to sit around the pain zone and that too will help, but no swallowing.