07 May

Dental emergencies and tooth extractions by a Central London dentist

The first thing you must do when you have an excruciating tooth ache is to take 2 paracetemol, advises a Central London dentist. That will not only take some of the sensation away, but it will keep you calm. Like all things in life you should keep the number of the emergency dental service available in your area handy, don’t wait until it happens to find it out. Oil of Cloves will also take away the pain by reacting with the tooth and producing heat, this is a pain reliever. In the event that you don`t have any Oil of Cloves, an `old wives tale` cure is to mix salt and pepper into a past using a droplet of water, then putting this on the tooth, always use a baby bud if you can. You will need to be previously registered with a dentist in order to get emergency services, again it is a case of doing this now to avoid a problem before it occurs, NHS Direct is on 0845 4647, call them now and register with a local dentist. The dentist will deal with the problem, don`t waste your time going to an emergency clinic at a hospital as they cannot help you; neither can your doctor except to give you a strong pain killer only available on prescription. Your dental surgery should have an emergency out of hours service, most do, so also know where the surgery is if you have just registered and haven`t visited yet. One of the most common dental emergencies that require an extraction, is an impacted tooth that has become infected by trapped food debris, this is also known as a Wisdom Tooth. If you have one then get it dealt with before it becomes infected, as prevention is always preferable to a cure.