12 Nov

Dental Examinations Performed in London

In London, a good complete dental exam will identify the factors that can contribute to oral health problems. A complete exam must be performed in order to decide upon the appropriate treatment plan for a patient. If anything is overlooked, it can result in future oral health complications, such as dental caries and gum and bone diseases. Included in this exam will be information about your occlusion (i.e., the way your teeth bite together), a jaw exam, and possibly an extra-oral exam as well. These are all recommended in London, as certain parts of any system can affect the whole system. A carefully performed dental exam requires a talented diagnostician who understands all signs and symptoms of disease(s) that can affect your health.
A dental exam consists of performing a complete intra-oral charting of the mouth which includes; present dental restorations, visible dental caries, dental caries index, visible abscesses, missing teeth, visible removable and fixed prosthetic devices or appliances, and a complete periodontal charting using a periodontal probe to find any existing periodontal pockets and gingival inflammation. The periodontal examination should also examine the teeth for any mobility, recession and teeth sensitivities. Also required are a full mouth series of dental X-rays and study models. Diagnostic models should be mounted on an articulator. The patient’s occlusion should be examined both inside the mouth and on the diagnostic models. Any excessive wear, interferences, improper dental arch relationships, occlusal plane disharmonies, and TMJ problems should be noted in the patient file. If teeth are missing, should they be replaced and how should they be replaced? The aesthetic appearance of the teeth should be noted, as well as any medical complication, lifestyle habits, medications that are currently being used, and any other pertinent information should be written in the patient file. An oral cancer exam should also be performed. When you visit your London dentist for the first time for a dental exam, all of these above procedures will be performed.