14 Sep

Dental expert advises against rinsing after brushing to boost dental health

A dental expert has advised against rinsing after brushing to boost dental health. 

Many people include rinsing as part of their daily oral hygiene routine but Bupa dentist, Silviu Cartas, is keen to put a stop to this common habit. Washing the mouth after cleaning the teeth can reduce the impact of brushing, as it removes fluoride from the teeth.

Fluoride toothpaste helps to lower the risk of dental decay by strengthening the protective enamel surface. Rinsing straight after brushing removes fluoride, meaning you lose the extra benefits of using fluoride toothpaste. Rather than rinsing with water, Mr Cartas is encouraging the public to brush and then spit. It is also beneficial to use mouthwash before brushing rather than after cleaning, as mouthwash contains less fluoride than toothpaste. 

In addition to taking rinsing out of a daily oral hygiene routine, dentists also encourage brushing for at least two minutes twice a day and flossing or using inter-dental brushes daily. A study by the Oral Health Foundation suggests that 1 in 4 Brits don’t brush twice a day every day with fluoride toothpaste. A third of adults have signs of dental decay. Twice-daily cleaning is essential for removing food debris and harmful bacteria, which combine with saliva to produce plaque. 

A good oral hygiene regime can reduce the risk of gum disease and decay dramatically, as well as helping to keep the smile clean and bright and lower the risk of bad breath, known as halitosis. 

Improving dental hygiene is an effective way to prevent oral diseases, especially at a time when many people are finding it difficult to access regular dental appointments. A recent BBC investigation revealed that around 90% of UK practices don’t have space for new NHS patients.