26 Aug

Dental Fillings Can Cause Backache – London-based Study

A new study has found out that metal accessories such as ear rings that are a rage in London and dental fillings made of metal can cause chronic back pain in susceptible people. The study discovered that any piece of metal that pierces or even touches the skin could cause a chain reaction throughout the body and affect the alignment of hundreds of muscles. Tooth fillings, though extremely small in size, have been found to cause aches and pains located far away from the mouth and jaw. According to experts, the body instinctively tries to move away any body parts that come in touch with metal as they cause discomfort to the skin. The muscles that correspond to that particular movement will then place more strain on the larger muscles supporting them in their effort to constantly create a distance between them and the metal objects. London experts suggest that the result of this is the creation of entire body stresses that are incurable by any amount of rest, nutrition or exercise.
Dental work or metal accessories are capable of irritating the nerve endings which in turn alters the way muscles function inside the body, leaving people susceptible to injury and prone to recurrent pain. It was found that metal fillings and other metal accessories are a common cause of back aches, neck pain and even arthritis.
But, the experts have good news too. Something as simple as removing metal accessories such as ear rings from the body can alleviate you from your misery. For dental fillings, it’s best to choose acrylic filling over the metal fillings.