10 Mar

Dental Hygiene Keeps Teeth Happy, Says Dentist from Central London

Dental hygiene plays an important role in the well-being of every individual in Central London and should be respected for it’s contribution to keeping your teeth healthy. Dental care  prevents the development of conditions such as gum disease, abscesses and severe toothache. It truly is very easy to take good care of your teeth, just stick to the tips and techniques below and you will be smiling, with true confidence, in next to no time.
The majority of dental issues, including gum disease and abscesses are typically caused by a collection of in bacteria in the mouth. These micro organisms can come from foods, fluids and the air we inhale and unless it is cleaned from the teeth, tongue and gums, it can lead to  some nasty and painful conditions. The build up of plaque and bacteria can be prevented by the correct, gentle scrubbing of both the teeth and  the tongue. Many people are unaware that the tongue is the surface on which  most of the bacteria thrive; just taking five minutes to clean your tongue every morning and evening will greatly reduce the possibility of developing gum disease. Moreover, although flossing should be thought of as the perfect way to remove plaque from between the teeth, an area that often escapes the reaches of the toothbrush.
In order to avoid the painful toothache that accompanies decay, it is also vitally important that people stick to a healthy diet, one that has an overall low sugar intake. Sugar is the main cause of  cavities and tooth decay,just  replacing your sweet, processed treats with natural sugars from fruits will greatly aid  in improving the state of your overall oral health.
It is important to realise that your lifestyle, habits such as smoking, can have a damaging effect on the your teeth and your gums. The use of substances which contain tobacco will increase the risk of developing gum disease, and will also lead to severe, premature discolouration of the teeth.
Lastly regular dental check-ups with your dentist will ensure you steer clear of any problems that are associated with having ‘bad teeth’. Your local dentist is trained to detect and manage any problematic issues, your teeth are in safe hands