11 Mar

Dental implants: an effective solution for tooth loss, say City of London dentists

Losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience, whether it occurred as the result of a one off accident, tooth decay or gum disease. But it is vital that you have it replaced, so that your mouth can function again as it is meant to; your mouth working properly is based upon it having a full set of teeth. There are a number of options for those who have lost a tooth or teeth, ranging from dentures to crowns but an increasingly popular one is dental implants.
Dental implants are becoming noted for their durability and permanence as a solution for lost teeth. They basically act as a substitute for the root part of the lost tooth. Into this socket, a replacement tooth can be secured and then treated just like a natural tooth because of its stability in your mouth.
The implant will be placed beneath your gum and against the jaw bone. This is so that it can osseointegrate with the bone, meaning that the implant and the bone will fuse over time. The titanium that dental implants are made from is ideal for this purpose and, once fusion has occurred, you will have an incredibly stable and secure base for the replacement tooth.
Replacement teeth placed using dental implants are so secure that they can even support a bridge of other teeth if the patient has lost a number of teeth. Dental implants do require invasive surgery although it is usually done under only local anaesthetic. Nonetheless they are becoming very popular because they represent a long-lasting solution to tooth loss. Ask yoyur City of London dentist for more information about how dental implants can solve your tooth loss problems.