06 Sep

Dental Implants and London

Dentistry has seen many changes over the years- barely 40 years ago, most procedures, though efficient, could be very complex and painful for the patient- root canals, bridges, crowns and dental implants. However, computers and lasers have refined procedures so much that all of these treatments have been brought to a level playing surface and are not only routine in the way they are done, but you can find them at almost any dentists around London and you are in and out in next to no time. The dental implant a fine example of this: it used to be an extremely complex operation that could take up to 6 months to complete because the use of drills and scalpels meant that the gums needed stitching afterwards, hence, the healing process was lengthy. It was also very exclusive and expensive and you could often be going overseas to have it done. However, once it was done, there is no under-writing of the value that an implant has when it comes to tooth loss. It is often stronger than the original root, less vulnerable to infection and once in, it’s in for life. Implants can give the patient the ultimate freedom and youthfulness back to their mouths, especially in cases of multiple tooth loss. Of course, technology has refined the treatment: healing times are phenomenally quick and the procedure is painless and anyone can have an implant fitted. Demand and technology have made it a very cheap and viable choice over dentures.