10 Dec

Dental implants from London dentist best choice to replace missing teeth

Did you know that a dental implant could be the best option to replace a missing tooth? Dental implants are anchored to the jawbone itself to provide a realistic and tooth-like level of security rather than resting on the gum like other dental substitutions. An implant from a London dentist is therefore a more long-term solution to a missing tooth.
Missing teeth need to be replaced for a number of cosmetic and wider health issues. A gap in the dental arc can be the cause behind dental infections and decay, bite problems and painful jaw conditions such as bruxism and TMJ. Replacing the tooth as soon as possible is always a good idea to prevent it causing you any further dental complications.
Statistics in the UK show that over two thirds of adults over the age of forty have lost at least one tooth to decay or accident. By the age of 75, a quarter of all people have lost all their natural teeth. More temporary or unfixed solutions such as dental bridges and dentures can perform a cosmetic role but they are really only band-aids for the actual missing tooth. A dental implant actually strives to replace the whole structure of the tooth for the patient’s peace of mind and to remove the need for messy adhesives. Dental implants are also so strong that they do not inhibit the eating of certain tougher foods that can be the case with more fragile substitutes.
A dental implant comes in the form of a small titanium screw that is drilled into the jawbone through the gum. Given time, the bone and gum tissue will fuse to the implant making it solid and ready to receive an artificial tooth. When this is attached, the patient will have the secure feeling of a real tooth that is only achievable with anchored dental implants.