11 Nov

Dental implants in London

Dental implants have come a long way in London since the early days back in Sweden. Techniques have become refined and computers have helped revolutionise implant techniques and designs to an exact science. Generally, implants restore the mouth cosmetically, but there are also health issues to take into account. Teeth that are left in the mouth are vulnerable to movement and if the tooth has been lost through injury, it can lead to other problems. The theory behind fitting an implant has hardly changed. A screw is located into the jaw and acts as a root to which the tooth, crown or bridge can then be fitted. Depending on how quick the mouth heals, recovery can take months while the implant fuses and once temporary crowns are fitted and the gums have matured, then the final teeth can be fitted. But it is the methods by which these processes are performed that have progressed substantially, with the introduction of new pioneering techniques. Ankylos, Bio-horizons and syncone implants systems have taken implant techniques to a new level, combining analysis scanners, computer program systems and new micro surgery techniques such as piezo that can access the bone structure and leave the gum intact, reducing nerve damage and healing times. Healing techniques have improved too with the use of plasma proteins that stimulate new bone synthesis and tissue regeneration. Depending on the work required, cost can start at £3000 per implant, but as more and more new techniques are developed, implants operations are becoming easier, quicker and as far as the finished product is concerned, amazing!