28 Oct

Dental Implants: the after effects in London

Dental implants have become quite a refined operation over the years, thanks mainly to computer and laser technology that has crept in London’s dental surgeries; most dentists are at it these days. It involves going through the gum with a laser and the screwing in of a small titanium root into the jawbone. Now because of how efficient laser surgery is, coupled with healing techniques post-op, it has become a very easy and sturdy way to fight tooth loss- it is also over and done with very quickly. However, each of us is different; we all react to operations differently and having a foreign body placed into the system may have its side effects- the body may even reject it and this could lead to complications. There might even be a lot of pain and swelling afterwards in the mouth, as well as infection, so you really need to monitor and be wary of how your mouth is healing after your treatment. If the pain is still on-going after a week or so, even if you have done everything that you can, then you need to get back to your dentist for a check-up. Implants are safe and brilliant in the fight against tooth loss, but they aren’t for everyone, so be aware of any situation that may arise once you have had them fitted, and act swiftly if you feel things going wrong.