10 Apr

Dental Injuries are treated by your City of London Dentist

Your City of London dentist is very capable of dealing with dental injuries, from a chipped tooth or infected tooth, all the way to an avulsed tooth (i.e., one that is knocked out). Make sure that you have available your City of London’s Dental Clinic’s telephone number available with you, in case a dental injury does occur. Despite any type of dental injury, dental X-rays will be requires so the dentist can decide the extent of the injury. Even a slightly chipped tooth will have to be X-rayed, in order to rule of pulpal injury. When a tooth is chipped or broken, it can possibly be repaired by simply placing a dental filling or bonding the tooth with tooth coloured material. Other times a porcelain veneer or crown may have to be used to repair the tooth. If the pulp of the tooth is involved, a root canal should be performed before the tooth is restored properly. Other times, especially during a sports activity, a tooth may be knocked out. If the tooth is immediately placed in milk of a saline solution, it may be able to be replaced into the mouth. Do not clean the tooth, and only handle it by the crown portion of the tooth, as this is more favourable. The dentist may be able to reinsert the tooth and splint it in replace with wires or bonding material to see if it takes over time. Your City of London dentist is also experiences with dealing with soft tissue lacerations inside the mouth. If the lacerations are very large and outside the mouth, your City of London dentist can pack the laceration or apply a gauze material until you can make it to a hospital or surgeons office. However, you should go there immediately. Your City of London dentist will suggest a mouth guard if you in fact do play sports to protect your teeth.