10 Dec

Dental pain cured by City of London dentists

Often commonly known as tooth ache, dental pain can take a number of forms. It can be very inconvenient and might be a sign that you have more profound problems with your teeth or gums. Every day activities like eating, drinking and talking can be made much more difficult by dental pain and it is very important that you contact your City of London dentist quickly if you find yourself experiencing it.
A common form of dental pain is one that you might experience when eating or drinking things which are particularly hot or cold. This can mean that the enamel which protects your teeth has been worn away, allowing plaque to interfere with nerves and cause greater sensitivity. This can lead to chronic pain which is basically a permanent tooth ache which won’t go away, even if you are not eating or drinking.
Having an accident or the formation of an abscess in the mouth might cause what is known as excruciating pain. This can be accompanied by a swelling in the face and needs to dealt with immediately. If your teeth are especially painful when you eat or drink you might even have a cracked tooth which is leaving the nerves exposed. Dental pain might be a sign of a medical problem that doesn’t even have anything to do with your teeth. It is best to report pains to your dentist swiftly so that complications do not ensue.
It is even possible that pain in a certain tooth has nothing to do with that tooth at all, and your City of London dentist is trained to examine your mouth thoroughly to determine the exact cause of tooth ache and offer the appropriate solution. This might involve having a cavity filled or root canal work or simply the fine tuning of your home dental hygiene routine.