14 Feb

Dental Sealants at the City of London Dental Clinic

When you bring your child or adolescent to the City of London Dental Clinic, your dentist will speak to you about tooth sealants. These are placed on the biting surfaces of your child’s and adolescent’s molars and premolars. Tooth sealants are white or clear plastic coatings that are placed on the tooth in order to help prevent dental decay. They fill the grooves on the biting surfaces of the teeth. These grooves usually retain bacteria, plaque, and food debris, thus leading to tooth decay. Also, these grooves are very narrow and your toothbrush can miss these areas. When tooth sealants are placed over minute amounts of dental caries, the dental caries usually do not progress any further.
Your City of London dentist will advise you to have sealant placed on your child’s permanent molars immediately when they erupt into the mouth; usually from the ages of 6 to 12 years. Tooth sealants are not placed on filled teeth. Tooth sealant are easy for dentist to place, and don’t require any numbing of the mouth or drilling. Tooth sealant last from 2 to 4 years, and at times even longer. Visit your City of London dentist to have your child’s tooth sealants placed.