22 Feb

Dental sealants for children from Central London dentist

Our teeth have small grooves, especially in the chewing surfaces of molars, that are too small to be cleaned by regular toothbrushes but not too small for plaque to build up and cause cavities. Dental sealants aim to fill these grooves preventing the build up of plaque offering 100 per cent protection from decay. Sealants not only prevent decay but can also prevent any further erosion in cases of decay that is already occurring.
Dental sealants are increasingly being used for children to prevent early decay as their teeth are still developing and not as strong as they will be in their adult years. Although sealants are not needed for teeth that have already been filled. Children should ideally have dental sealants applied to permanent molars as soon as they erupt in the dental arc. This is usually between the ages of six and twelve.
Sealants are applied after a gentle acid has been applied to make the surface of the teeth etched and rough for added grip. Once dried, the Central London dentist will apply the liquid sealant into the grooves of the teeth before setting it hard with the high intensity heat of a laser. Sealants are safe and painless, and best of all for kids, require no drilling.
Sealants can last up to ten years but the average lifespan is probably more likely in the area of two or three. They are highly effective tools against dental decay and can be reapplied by a dentist if it has started to wear off.