18 Feb

Dental Sealants for Children in the City of London

Children in the city of London are very vulnerable to tooth decay and it’s important to undertake all precautions possible to allow the teeth to develop healthily into adulthood. One of the best methods to combat the problem is the application of dental sealants. Designed more specifically for children, they are applied to the back teeth of a child, normally when the tooth has just erupted through the gums, to prevent acids and bacteria breaking down the natural enamel of the teeth. The procedure is almost pain free- the teeth will first be cleaned and then a roughing gel will be applied to aid the bonding of the sealant. This is simply brushed over the teeth and then cured with a heat lamp. Considering that most decay occurs on the chewing surface of the teeth, a dental sealant offers the perfect barrier between the tooth’s surface and any bacteria or plaque that may try to develop and once in place you’d hardly know that they are there, as they can be color coded to match the surrounding teeth. The sealant can work up to 5 years, during the all important development of a child’s teeth, offering the perfect protection and doesn’t need any extra care when cleaning- it’s brush and floss as normal.