17 Apr

Dental sealants from Central London dentists help protect your children’s teeth from decay

Protecting your teeth is crucial at all ages. Children can be particularly vulnerable to ailments in the mouth, not only because their teeth are still developing, but also because they lack the responsibility of adults. As parents it should be a part of your duties to ensure that your children’s teeth stay healthy and free from disease, the consequences of which they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.
One way of helping children to stay free from these problems is for their dentist to apply dental sealants to their teeth. This basically consists of a plastic coating that is applied to the surface of teeth. It acts as an extra barrier protecting them from plaque and as a useful supplement to the enamel which exists on all healthy teeth.
The ages of six and twelve can be good times to have your dentist apply sealant to your child’s teeth. This is because of the developments in the mouth at those ages which facilitate the application of dental sealant. At six the permanent molars usually erupt and around the age of twelve the second molars do the same.
Dental sealants are an affordable way to help with the protection of your child’s teeth and they last for a good few years before they need topping up. This is very much worth doing because of how vulnerable children can be to tooth decay. Of course you should still ensure that they are brushing properly but anyone who has been a parent will know how difficult this can be. The propensity that children have for sweet snacks can also put their teeth at risk and so dental sealants are worth asking your Central London dentist about.