26 Oct

Dental Sedation Offered in London Dental Clinic

Dental sedation in London is used when a patient is a dental phobic, exhibiting severe anxiety prior to and during their dental appointment. The goal of the London dental clinic is to make a patient’s visit anxiety and stress free. Patients don’t visit the dentist until it is too late, and sometimes not at all, with men being more fearful than women. Dental sedation can help these patients, and also decrease the number of visits necessary to complete dental procedures. It can be used for almost any dental treatment.
Dental sedation uses several different medications the affect the central nervous system. These are commonly referred to as tranquilizers and anxiolytics, and can be given to the patient by various means. Dental sedation does not put you to sleep completely the way general anaesthesia does. Instead, it makes you feel very sleepy while you are being sedated. Any patient who is fearful of needles or the dental experience is a candidate for dental sedation. Also, other people who have medical conditions such as Cerebral Palsy or Parkinson’s disease could benefit from dental sedation. There are several different ways to administer dental sedation including: Oral sedation; inhalation sedation; intravenous sedation, and even intramuscular sedation. It is important to be honest while filling out your medical history, and tell your dentist if you are taking any medications via prescription and/or over-the-counter.