25 Jun

Dental Technology Has Come A Long Way In Central London

Like any industry over the past one hundred years, dentistry has benefited greatly from the massive leaps and bounds in technology that has weaved itself into dental surgeries around central London. The experimentation and progress behind the scenes has seen new and more durable materials being used for fillings, bridges and especially dentures; the glues and bonding chemicals have also been vastly improved to hold such fittings in place, which can only be good for you, the patient.
The world of orthodontics has also spread its wings: computer technology and digital imaging/x-rays have been able to make more accurate diagnoses on the teeth beforehand, after which, you have an incredible range of precision and bespoke braces and aligners to choose from to get the job done fast and discreetly. It was the turning point for dentistry when computers came along: they have made so many processes easy to analyse and perform…and quickly too. However, the most radical introduction into surgeries has been that of the laser that has seen the modern dentist dispensing with drills and scalpels- at last!
A laser can perform fillings, root canals, gum contouring and its most sensational use, the fitting of dental implants; lasers do very little damage to bone and gum tissue- painlessly, making healing quicker than ever before. The golden age has dawned for dentists and their patients, whether it be all of the above that you need to have, or even just a touch or BOTOX or teeth whitening- dentists can perform anything these days, and who’s to say what newer technology lies ahead in the future!