20 Jul

Dental Veneers in London to enhance your smile

 Dental veneers have a cosmetic as well as a functional role to play. They not only help protect a damaged tooth surface, but also aid in enhancing your smile, lending it a natural, aesthetically pleasing appearance.
The dental veneers are specially made casings of tooth-resembling ceramic material which when put on the tooth surface, can screen worn thin tooth enamel, lopsided tooth arrangement or spacing and cracks or fractures. Dental veneers are a part of the cosmetic dentistry category as they generate a brilliant, white smile with perfectly positioned, well-shaped teeth. What’s more, the modern day veneer’s translucent ceramic quality lends a more natural appearance than what was earlier available.
Irrespective of how unsightly teeth are produced, London dental veneers could be the answer to nearly all of your enhancive dental problems, including:
Worn enamel: After a while, the fine, strong white substance that covers your teeth (enamel) might get damaged, tarnished, and stained. This kind of damage and staining could either be natural or due to a genetic tendency. But, it’s usually because of your habits (drinking coffee or tea, soft drink, smoking, taking medicines, and so on).
Wear & tear: With aging, the teeth naturally wear away. Aged teeth tend to have more fractures, cracks or by and large don’t have a uniform look.
Genetics: Some people, from birth may have irregular spaces between their teeth that get bigger with age.
Irregular teeth: General wearing away or tooth grinding may cause irregular teeth.