18 Jun

Dental Whitening Can Bring A Great Summer Confidence Boost

Summer is a beautiful time in the city isn’t it? You have been frozen out by winter, soaked by spring and no doubt covered up with layers of clothing throughout. So it is surprise that as soon as the sun comes out for summer the clothes come off, you soak up the rays and show-off exactly what you have going for you. Hairstyles change, your fitness improves and the diet changes- you just want to look top-drawer.
Teeth Whitening
Somewhere in this mix though, you’ll want your smile to look radiant as well, and if your teeth have started to lose their colour a tad, then there isn’t nothing more rewarding and summery than to have them whitened to give you the total look when the sun’s shining. Many dentists in and around Baker Street can help you out here and after a quick consultation, you can opt for an hour-long laser treatment to have you glowing again quickly- and there are a few very top-notch treatments on offer.
Another way which includes your dentist is to have a bespoke kit made up and then go home for a couple of weeks and do the treatment yourself- again, this is a brilliant technique to restore your smile with. However, it may not have escaped your attention that supermarkets and chemists around central London are jam-packed with products to put the glitz back into your teeth’s enamel again, and which you can do yourself in your own time.
These products are very affordable; toothpastes start from around £5 and you will soon notice the difference after just a few days of brushing. You can also get touch-up bleaching pens, bleaching strips and even your own DIY whitening kit. Having your teeth whitened will give you that total all-round confidence and put the zing back into your summer smile.