16 Dec

Dentist in Central London Addresses What You Need to Know About Dental Visits

You should be visiting your dentist in Central London at least twice a year for the upkeep of good oral health. This article is to help you understand what to expect at a typical dental visit. At a typical dental visit, you will first see a dental hygienist. The dental hygienist will do a basic check of your gums and your teeth. Then, the dental hygienist will clean your teeth and then give them a good polish. Cleaning and polishing removes any hardened plaque known as calculus from your teeth. Calculus does not come off with brushing and flossing at home and needs professional attention from your dental hygienist. After your teeth are sparkling clean, your dentist will see you and examine you thoroughly. Your dentist may suggest that you have x-rays done to make certain that you have no cavities. During a routine dental visit, your dentist will be able to determine if you have any early onset of dental diseases. If your dentist spots any problems, your dentist will be able to diagnose you and discuss treatment options with you right away. It is important to keep your dentist regularly updated on your medical history and your overall health. If you are a new patient to a practice, bring a list of any medications you are on, including what dosages you take them in.