05 Jan

Dentists call for an end to workplace ‘cake culture’

Cake Culture
Dental experts are calling for an end to the workplace ‘cake culture’ in a bid to reduce the prevalence of public health problems, including dental disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity.
Members of the Faculty of Dental Surgery claim that grazing on cakes and biscuits at work is contributing to serious health problems in society. People are increasingly likely to turn up to work with unhealthy snacks and treats, putting them at risk of a host of preventable health issues.
Dean of the faculty, Prof Nigel Hunt, said that we’ve become a nation of grazers that uses cakes and other sweet treats as a means of cheering co-workers up, celebrating occasions and rewarding colleagues. The sentiments are positive, but the reality is that a growing number of people are experiencing health problems related to their diet and lifestyle choices. The faculty has advised the public to keep an eye on sugar consumption and to find alternative snacks. There’s nothing wrong with having a slice of cake from time to time, but experts are worried that we’ve created a culture where eating foods that are bad for you is the norm, rather than a one-off treat.
Former Great British Bake Off contestant, Jane Beedle, said that a little bit of cake now and again wasn’t going to “kill anyone”, and insisted that cake should bring happiness to the office. However, she added that it was important to learn not to just stuff anything in your mouth without thinking about it. There’s a tendency to graze on anything that’s available, especially at this time of year, and it’s beneficial to work out whether they are actually “worth the calories.”