09 Aug

Dentists encourage patients to book pre-holiday check-ups

shutterstock_107224058It’s that time of year again when there’s a mass exit from British sores to exotic sun-drenched beaches. If you’re going away on holiday, dentists are advising you to book a check-up before you jet off.
Nobody wants to spend their well-earned break nursing toothache or avoiding ice cold drinks due to sensitivity, so dentists are encouraging patients to get in touch with their local practice and book a check-up before they head off on holiday.
Dr Richard Coates is urging anyone who hasn’t seen a dentist in the last 6-9 months to have a routine check before they leave the country. He also advises anyone who has experienced any dental troubles to seek advice before flying off. The pressure of the air cabin can cause problems for loose fillings or fillings that haven’t been fitted properly and it can also cause symptoms of decay, such as tooth pain, to become more severe. Pain becomes more intense as a result of pressure changes, which can cause air to expand in a cracked or damaged tooth.
Dentists are also eager to encourage patients who are travelling overseas to make sure they have travel insurance before they go. It’s unlikely that you’d need to make a claim, but plenty of people fall ill or experience unexpected symptoms while on holiday. Taking out insurance will cover medical costs and give you peace of mind that you’re protected if anything does go wrong. Many insurance policies also cover cancelled or delayed flights and lost luggage.